Energy Boosters You Need For The Day.

Finding time to take a break when you can, really gives you that boost that leaves you feeling relaxed 😌.

Here are 5 things to do that would power you up for the day and also give you the serenity you seek.

  • Journaling.
    First on my list is journaling. This here is an essential act I suggest you inculcate In your daily life; over the years I have taken an hobby of keeping a notepad or diary where I write whatever excites me, how I am feeling about a person or situation and many other things.

And have noticed how calm it makes me feel when I do it. Keeping a journal helps you not only self reflect but gives space to write your thoughts out and think on your day, or whatever problems you might be going through.

With that said, you can easily think through on what solutions to apply. And if there's no problem at all, it's a great way to rant about something 💯.

  • Meditation.
    I don’t know how many people do this but it’s one thing I’ll recommend you do. Find time to meditate, it helps you practice mindfulness and stay in touch with your environment and mind.

You can do this by getting a meditation mantra, stay in a quiet place and concentrate with each task given.
Like Master Sifu said "Inner Peace". Inner peace is definitely what you need. This is a stress reliever for me, so give it a try😉

  • Taking a walk.
    If you’re a lover of nature like me, taking a walk is a great relaxation thrill.
    Don’t just walk around the streets; focus on people, the sky, the houses around, and talk out loud if you can. Don’t worry no one will think you’re mad😆 and stay safe while doing this.
  • Gisting.
    Chatting with friends or spending time with family is another way to unwind and boost yourself. You can call a friend, gist with close or friendly neighbours, or go out. The main purpose is to catch up on trends and news around you😂😂😂, you don’t have to miss out on this.
  • Play Music.
    My final checklist is playing music. As a lover of music, my favourite genres are: R n B, Rock and i am getting a liking for Rap too.
    If you have a smartphone; I encourage you to download a list of songs, create a playlist and listen as often as you can.

Music soothes the mind and soul. It also inspires too, it’s a great motivation to getting things done.

There you have it. These five steps will sure get you pumped up giving you that stress free day; you should try them out.

Remember whatever you need to do to stay happy and positive, don't hesitate in doing them. While you're alive take every moment to unwind and live, life is about taking things easy.

Content Writer, Creative Writer, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Counsellor and Humanitarian. I love to sing and draw when I am not busy#writerwithapurpose.